Since its foundation in 1997, St. Francis Hospice has had the privilege to care for many, many cats. Here is a role call of our current residents.

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Feline Immunodeficiency Virus//Asthmatic

Arrival date 8th August 2007

Francis arrived in August 2007. He is the only long haired resident which we currently have at the hospice. His health has generally been good since he has been with us. Francis does suffer from a form of asthma which he does have medication for from time to time, although I am pleased to say that currently he is doing well and doesn't need any medication. Like most of our residents, he is a very loving cat and is happy to curl up on a volunteers knee given half a chance. Francis and Zak are best buddies and can often be seen curled up together on one of the sofa's. At feeding time Francis can have a tendency to raise a paw at the other residents making it clear which bowl is his.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus//Stomatitis

Arrival date 22nd April 2009

Ace arrived in April 2009. When Ace first came to SFHFC he suffered with Stomatitis and used to require monthly injections to ease his condition. Thankfully over the time this has subsided and more recently his health has been very good. He is a very laid back cat and is estimated to be about nine years old. Ace loves nothing better than to roll over onto his back for you to rub his tummy and would lie there all day as he never wants you to stop. He gets on with the other residents although I think he prefers the company of us humans.


Arrival date 10th February 2008

Will arrived in February 2008. Will is a resident who often doesn't like to mix too much with the other residents. He prefers to spend most of his time in the outside catio and he really loves the new decking area which we had built earlier this year. Will's health has generally been good although he has given us a couple of scares when he has suffered with bad bouts of diarrhoea and become very dehydrated. On both occasions he had to spend a few days staying at our resident vets. One thing that you notice with Will is that he can be very verbal making you think that he wants fuss, but he prefers to brush himself against your legs rather than jump up to curl up on your lap.


Feline Immunodeficiency Virus

Arrival date 27th May 1998

Joy arrived in May 1998. Over the years she has generally had good health. She did have a dental a few years ago and more also had surgery to remove two cysts, one on her neck and the other by her right eye. With the position of the cysts this was a worrying time but thankfully she has recovered incredibly well. She can be very vocal when she wants fuss and is usually one of the first to jump on your knee. Once on your knee she would happily settle down for hours and can make it difficult for the volunteers or visitors to get up.

Physically mistreated//Wired Jaw

Arrival date 29th December 1999

Zak arrived in December 1999. He came to St Francis with horrific injuries after being beaten. Following a few vet visits he had to have surgery to repair his jaw. Unbelievably this has not put Zak off human attention as he loves to get on your knee. Zak has been known for a number of years as our 'Top Cat' at the hospice as he really has made himself boss. He has many furry mates at the hospice and can often be seen curled up with one of them. Zak has recently started to show signs of ageing and has lost some weight making him look like an elderly gentleman.

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