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The St Francis Hospice began in a very small way with the odd cat who was too old or infirm to be re-homed, being fostered by Shirley and Michael Maynard in their own home for whatever time remained to them.  Then, as the number of elderly cats, and cats with chronic or even terminal medical conditions grew, the Maynard’s made the decision to turn their home into a hospice catering exclusively to the special needs of these cats. In April of 1997 St Francis Hospice became a registered charity and over the years, with the aid of donations, it has helped many, many cats to live long and happy lives.

In 2008 Michael sadly passed away,  Shirley struggled to come to terms with the loss of Michael but vowed to continue her work at the hospice. Unfortunately after a couple of years Shirley's health deteriorated and in 2011 Shirley was taken into hospital. Sadly due to the nature of her illness Shirley is unable to return home.  This has led to the remaining trustees taking a far more active role in the day to day running of St Francis.

Currently the charity is administered by three trustee’s each of whom take time from their own busy day to day routines to help care for these cats in the calm and friendly environment of The Saint Francis home.  Regular visits by Dr. Abdul Rehman, the charities veterinary surgeon, ensure that the cats receive all the medical treatment necessary to sustain the quality of their remaining years. This regular treatment combined with the love, comfort and constant day to day care that the charity and it's trustees are able to give to the cats has resulted in many of them living far beyond first expectations.

However, the Hospice cannot function on the good will of the trustees and it's group of volunteers alone. Caring for these cats is a major undertaking and it is only through donations that the work of the charity can continue. St. Francis Hospice will always need help towards the cost of maintaining the care of these cats. Please consider helping us by making a donation. Every penny helps, no matter how small. We gladly accept one off donations or you can set up a standing order to make a regular payment directly to the charity. All funds are administered by Trustees. Every penny is needed, appreciated and never wasted.


The Trustees

  Claire Elson Stevens      


Claire first got involved with St Francis Hospice for Cats six years ago (2005) while working for another cat charity.  Impressed with what St Francis did she immediately became a supporter. During 2007 a change in her circumstances enabled Claire to become a volunteer initially helping one day per week to groom the cats. Claire increased her duties by helping with the daily chores as well as spending time with the cats fussing and grooming them.  2008 saw a further increase in responsibility as Claire undertook the paperwork and purchasing and became a trustee for the charity.

Claire is a regular visitor to St Francis and is also able to do some work from home.  In addition to this Claire works part-time and continues to work for another cat charity.

She also has a family which includes five lovely cats of her own which keep her on her toes and makes visiting the hospice a bit like home from home.

  Graham Stevens      


Graham came on board in 2009 although he first got involved back in 2005.  He is a regular visitor to St Francis and more recently he has taken on the role of being the main taxi for the residents to and from the vets when required.  Graham also undertakes the photography for the hospice which enables him to work closely with the newsletter editor and web designer to ‘bring the hospice to life’ for others to see.

Graham has had a love for cats since he first become ‘owned’ by Gizmo and Mikey 11 years ago, his cat family has steadily progressed by taking on a feral kitten Poppy now 10, a mistreated kitten Tommy now 9 and an FIV cat Arnie.

  Joyce Wren      

I have always loved cats and from being a child have been lucky enough to have them in my home. Then they were strays that wandered in and stayed but I always wanted a kitten so when one of my cats died I decided to look for one. At that time Birmans were a fairly new breed to this country but I saw one advertised in the Derby Telegraph. That was the start of my love affair with this breed which has lasted throughout my forty years in this city. My adult cat family grew to five at one point but is now down to one elderly female.

About twenty five years ago I returned to work full time and decided that although I could not offer practical help because of the demands of my job I could sponsor a cat. That brought me to Shirley and Michael’s house and my first sponsorship. At that time I visited occasionally, enjoying an evening of good conversation with Shirley about the cats and Michael about many things.

When Michael became ill I began to help more and after he died tried to get round as often as I could to help Shirley feed the cats in the evening. That has now turned into a regular Wednesday evening slot plus covering for other volunteers when I am able to.

  St. Francis' resident vet
Dr Abdul Rehman DVM, MRCVS
  Blagreaves Veterinary Centre.  


Dr. Abdul Rehman has dedicated his life to his work in the veterinary field.  He has practiced as a Veterinary Surgeon in the local area for over 15 years and has gained extensive experience in general practice.  Abdul has been the resident vet at St Francis since 2008 and is always on hand whenever there is an emergency. Regular visits are made to check the residents at St Francis every month, maintaining the health of our residents to the best possible standard.

Dr. Rehman is supported by a team of experienced Veterinary Nurses whose aim is to provide a quality, personalised service to provide the best treatment for the animals in their care.

More information about Dr Rehman and the Veterinary Centre can be found here: Blagreaves Veterinary Centre and click here to find out more about Dr. Rehman and his work with the hospice.

  St. Francis Volunteers      

The Charity has a team of dedicated volunteers who work alongside the trustee's, giving their valuable time and support towards the care of the hospice's residents. The volunteer's duties range from day to day cat care and grooming to fundraising activities and the submission of articles to the editor of our news letter.

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