St. Francis Vet Care   (originally published in the hospice newsletter, autumn/winter edition 2009)  

As the residents at St Francis are all sick, elderly or terminally ill they all need regular vet care.  This service is provided by Dr Abdul Rehman, DVM, MRCVS, from Blagreaves Veterinary Centre, which is situated just a few minutes away from the hospice.  Abdul is always on hand when needed to care for any of the 42 cats which currently reside at St Francis.

With there being so many cats with varying different illness’ and ailments constant trips to the surgery are always required.  In addition it has been arranged for Abdul to provide a home visit to check over the cats on a bi-monthly basis.  This means that they can all have a health check including teeth and ears etc. 

Prior to the vet visit a discussion occurs to highlight any particular cause for concern or any questions that need to be raised with Abdul.  Then as Abdul arrives it is all action, usually Joy and Storm take this opportunity to find the best hiding place possible in a bid to avoid a quick health check.

The usual routine is for Alison to handle the cats while Abdul carries out the health check.  Claire takes down any notes and medication requirements, Shirley oversees the whole operation, whilst Graham ‘rounds up’ the next patient.

After all of the cats have been seen then a priority waiting list is drawn up of any cats needing dentals or any further vet care requirements.  Following Abdul’s last visit he concluded that three dentals were required along with a de-matt for Emma, one of the cats that cannot be handled.  Dentals seem to be an on going task at St Francis, as elderly cats constantly need to be checked for any decaying teeth, it is also important to check the mouth as FIV can cause sore gums for the cats.

Everyone involved with St. Francis Hospice, from the trustees to the volunteers, and especially all of the residents, would like to thank Abdul for giving his time and expertise.

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